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WA-768 outdoor color wash, farbanje fasada

Moćan urežaj za "farbanje" fasada, sijalica HMI-2500, CMY mešanje boja sa kompletnim spektrom, dimer 0-100%, DMX512, odličan za monumentalne objekte, tvrđave, zamkove, spomenike, poslovne zgrade itd...

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Outdoor color wash


• Electric voltage: 220V~240V 50Hz/60Hz
• Power: 2650W
• else CMY advances gradually the colour plate to the all-weather exterior design( waterproof rank IP54), and may act as limitless the confuseing chromatic light degree regulateing that the mobile pattern of 0-100%
• Regulates and control numeric value of shading meritorous service capacity DMX address to display to match somebody with somebody in the way of DMX512's signal drive voluntarily to transport to act as the meritorous service capacity (denominator light/son light)
• To be fit for the arena: Theme park, culture place of historic interest, castle, great public house, sky scraping building and a hamlet, television tower and different large show of outdoor are pulled through.
• Net weight: 65kg
• Gross weight: 85 kg
• Packing specification:880X56X800mm

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