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Svoj kvalitet i profesionalnost je dokazala realizacijom Olimpijskih igara 2008. u Pekingu gde je ceo svet video spektakularne svetlosne efekte u akciji.


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PR Lighting Brings Olympic Stadium To Life

Wednesday, 20 August 2008 21:36

Several billion people worldwide witnessed the splendour of the lighting effects in the Bird's Nest, Beijing's National Stadium, where the opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games was held on August 8th. More than 200 Century Color 2500 and XL wash light fixtures from PR Lighting were specified for their brilliant output, to illuminate both the opening and closing ceremonies of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Full of remarkable cultural atmosphere, the grand opening in the Bird's Nest conveyed to the world the essence of Chinese culture and spirit, and the entire Stadium was saturated with colourful lighting, resembling a resplendent pearl.

The night view lighting effects of the Nest were designed in five sections. The main sets focused on the traditional Chinese colour of Red, while the lighting system displayed different dynamic scenes, adding in Gold and Silver.

In fact, the lighting played such an important role that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Games surpassed that of the previous Olympic Games - both in its high-tech application and the quantity of computerised fixtures needed to meet the requirements of the performance and suit the structure of the architecture. The professional hi-tech innovation had to meet the brief for a ‘Green Olympics', integrating elite functions, environment protection, and energy saving with sheer performance; this provided a severe challenge to the lighting manufacturers. Innumerable Chinese and foreign lighting manufacturers fought for the opportunity to be a supplier to the Bird's Nest. Passing the strictest selection procedure by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee - who assessed the brands and products of all the suppliers - PR Lighting became one of the few appointed suppliers of lighting fixtures to the 2008 Olympic Games with its branded wash lights - and more than 200 Century Color 2500 and XL wash lights were chosen for the opening/closing ceremonies.

While the fixtures of all other suppliers were used in combination with each other in order to achieve the optimal lighting effects for the specific sequences in the Nest, PR Lighting was used as a stand-alone brand. Hundreds of PR wash lights were selected to function independently to produce magnificent lighting effects to the very top structure section of the vast Bird's Nest. The outstanding features and superior quality of the PR Lighting fixtures were thus displayed to the full extent.

Throughout the opening ceremony, people of all countries were overwhelmed by the saturation of the lighting, with international lighting experts impressed by the quality and stability of the PR brand wash lights.

During the process of nearly three months of rehearsals and commissioning for the opening/closing ceremonies, the PR wash lights won high praise from the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and committee of ceremonies for their stable performance and superior quality. In the critical eyes of the General Director of Ceremony, Mr Zhang Yimou, the lighting was highly colourful, creating a striking visual impact.

The chief lighting designer of ceremony Mr Sha Xiaolan commented: "Even earlier than the Beijing night show - during the One-Year Countdown Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Games - I was deeply impressed by the excellent performance of the PR brand products which gave us full confidence to specify PR Lighting fixtures for the opening ceremony."

High praise had also been granted by innumerable international lighting experts to almost 1,000 PR Lighting fixtures that were deployed last year in the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Shanghai.


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PR Lighting Brings Olympic Stadium To Life


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